While Guthix Sleeps - Rewards (2024)

Your Feedback (Updated on May 29th)Our Response
The tier requirements of Demonbane weapons should be higher.We're increasing the tier requirements of Firelight, the Scorching Bow and the Ignited Staff from 75 to 77 to better reflect their strength against Demons.
The tier requirement of Burning Claws should be brought down from 65 to 60.We're lowering the tier requirement of the Burning Claws to 60, which better reflects our intention for them to sit between the Dragon Dagger (s) and Dragon Claws. Please note that we have limitations on changing tiers for existing weapons as PvP metas have been built around them for years.
Is the Scorching Bow a charged weapon?We'd like to clarify that the Scorching Bow uses arrows and is not a charged weapon.
How will the Ignited Staff interact with Mark of Darkness?We'd like to clarify that the Ignited Staff will double the Demonbane bonuses from Mark of Darkness.
How is Firelight made and what use will Arclight have in future?

To clarify the instructions in the blog, Firelight is made by combining a fully-charged Arclight (30 Ancient Shards) and a Tormented Synapse together. This will change Arclight into Firelight.

Moving forwards, Arclight and Firelight will both have uses in the game. Arclight is still easily accessible and most players will get it long before they have the opportunity to upgrade it to Firelight.

Remember, Firelight is locked behind a Grandmaster Quest and obtaining the Tormented Synapse. It's a goal to work towards, not an automatic upgrade. In the meantime, Arclight will be there for all your demon-slaying needs.

Players have asked us to clarify the purpose of Ancient Shards after obtaining Firelight.Ancient Shards can still be used to teleport via the altar in the Kourend Catacombs. If you'd like us to explore more purposes for Ancient Shards, we're happy to consider it in a future quality of life poll or as a feedback change. Let us know!

It’s time for a first look at the rewards from While Guthix Sleeps!

The Audio Read

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It’s been a hot minute since we last shared progress on the biggest quest of the year, While Guthix Sleeps. Today, you’ll get your first look at the rewards we plan to offer – and of course, there’ll be a survey where you can tell us what you think.

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The Quest

While Guthix Sleeps continues the Mahjarrat storyline in an epic, sprawling adventure filled with powerful artefacts, sneaky spies, and more druids than you can shake a staff at. It’s one of the most iconic RuneScape quests, and we can’t wait to bring it to Old School. You can catch up on all the details in our Winter Summit newspost.

On this globetrotting journey you’ll come up against formidable foes, including the iconic tormented demons – with some small changes that should make them more engaging to fight.

While Guthix Sleeps - Rewards (2)

During the Winter Summit Mega Poll, we asked whether you’d like to see a new unique item added to the tormented demon loot table, and whether we should also add Dragon Claws, in line with the original quest.

Since then, we’ve decided that instead of moving Dragon Claws, we’d like to offer a trifecta of new Demonbane weapons crafted from the Tormented Synapse, a tradeable, unique drop from our demonic friends. You’ll need at least level 74 in the relevant skill to craft all three weapons, and unlike other craftables, we’re not giving you the option to have a skilled NPC craft it for you. You’ll need to pour your own blood, sweat, and tears into these mighty weapons, whether you’re an Ironman or not – but we reckon they’re well worth the trouble.



Click here, if you can't see the Weapon Stats.

Our first Demonbane weapon is, of course, an upgrade from the mighty Arclight. Unlike Arclight, this fiery blade doesn’t need to be charged with Ancient Shards. Instead, you’ll upgrade a fully charged Arclight with the Tormented Synapse and 74 Smithing.

Firelight has increased Stab and Slash Accuracy, as well as the same 70% increased Accuracy and Damage bonuses as its predecessor. Additionally, it improves on Arclight’s Special Attack, lowering the Strength, Attack and Defence of demons by 15% of their base level +1, and non-demons by 5% of their base level +1. That’s a 5% increase over Arclight!

With this sword at your side, you’ll cut through the Abyssal Sire and Cerberus like butter - so the upgrade should be more than worth the effort of crafting the blade.

Question #1:

Should Firelight, a new tier 77 Demonbane slash weapon, be added to the game as described in the blog?

Scorching Bow


Click here, if you can't see the Weapon Stats.

This next weapon will let fiery arrows fly from afar! With 74 Fletching and a Tormented Synapse, you’ll be able to craft this new composite bow with 124 Ranged Accuracy and 40 Ranged Strength.

With great power comes, uh, even more power, as the Scorching Bow offers 30% increased Accuracy and Damage against demons. It also has a nasty Special Attack which binds your enemy for 5 ticks while dealing 1 bonus damage – and if they’re a demon, it binds them for 20 ticks, increasing the bonus damage to 5.

This weapon will serve as a decent, cheaper alternative to the Bow of Faerdhinen sans Crystal Armour, but will obviously outperform the ol’ Bowfa against demons specifically.

Question #2:

Should the Scorching Bow, a new level 77 Demonbane Ranged weapon, be added to the game as described in the blog?

Ignited Staff


Click here, if you can't see the Weapon Stats.

With 74 Crafting, you’ll be able to synthesise the Ignited Staff from a Tormented Synapse! As is typical for Magic weapons, it works a little differently from its Ranged and Melee siblings.

Rather than giving you an outright damage boost against demons, this weapon instead autocasts combat spells from the Arceuus Spellbook. On its own that doesn’t sound like such a great reward – but using Demonbane spells will double the bonuses.

Additionally, the Ignited Staff has a Special Attack. You must be on the Arceuus Spellbook to cast it (which is handy, given the Staff’s effect), and you must be targeting a demon. When used, the Special Attack will cast the highest available Demonbane spell at your target. If your target is killed by the spell, you’ll restore 25% of your Special Attack energy, and the delay on your next attack will be reduced by 3.

Essentially, it's Death Charge with a little bonus!

Question #3:

Should the Ignited Staff, a new level 77 Demonbane Magic weapon, be added to the game as described in the blog?

Burning Claws



Click here, if you can't see the Weapon Stats.

We have one final surprise for you today – a pair of ferocious claws!

Since Dragon Claws are remaining in Chambers of Xeric, we wanted to add a new reward that invokes the same feeling as obtaining the OG Claws.

The Burning Claws will also bridge the gap in Melee spec weapons between the cheap and cheerful Dragon Dagger and the monstrously expensive Dragon Claws. This weapon works much the same as the latter, while giving you a chance to inflict Burn on your target. While Burnt, the target will be dealt 10 damage over the course of 40 ticks (1 every 4 ticks), and can stack up to five times.

We can’t wait to see your feedback on the Burning Claws and the other weapons we’ve shared today – speaking of which...

Question #4:

Should Burning Claws, a new level 60 Special Attack melee weapon, be added to the game as described in the blog?

While Guthix Sleeps - Rewards (7)


Completing the survey below is the best way to tell us your thoughts. Go on click the link here or fill out the embedded version below!

You can also share your feedback on the dedicated Reddit thread, our Official Discord Server and social channels. We'll be chatting more about these rewards in a Discord Stages Modcast on the official server, and an upcoming livestream, so make sure not to miss those!

While Guthix Sleeps - Rewards (8)

You can also discuss this update on the 2007Scape subreddit, the Steam forums, or the community-led OSRS Discord in the #gameupdate channel. For more info on the above content, check out the official Old School Wiki.

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The Old School Team.

While Guthix Sleeps - Rewards (2024)
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