The Emperor - Chapter 3 - Beatrizmar (2024)

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Days, weeks, months and years- or more precisely two years would pass before their paths would cross again. Naruto's time was consumed by training, travelling, fighting, continuously aiming for a prosperous future for his people. Despite his great efforts, the emperor found himself in the brink of another war, a war that demanded for the armies of all kingdoms to unite to ensure victory, for the enemy had spread throughout the lands, and Naruto did not possess the ability to be everywhere at once even with his godlike power.

Shikamaru began announcing the names of the participants of each Kingdom to Naruto and his closest generals, once Naruto had and his army had gathered at the main hall, Kakashi included; “Gaara, his siblings and his army of 100.000 men will be joining our forces this afternoon”.

Naruto thought back to the time when Gaara had hated him, in fact hated everyone, but came to change after witnessing Naruto saving his life. Gaara had been abducted by the very enemy that they were fighting in this war - Akatsuki, and was rescued by the Emperor and his Royal Army themselves. There was more history between the two, previous to that incident, Gaara’s own father had tried and failed to assassinate the emperor himself once upon a time, which was what led to the eruption of the second major war, and gotten the two into their first and last fight which had changed Gaara. But it was all now forgotten, for they had become friends and signed a peace treaty, which Gaara had kept true to since.

“Uchiha Sasuke and his wife, Sakura are also aiding us. As you already know, Sasuke has no family, and a smaller army to offer. However, he and Sakura themselves will be more than enough- with his visual powers and a chakra matching Kurama's, Sasuke is stronger than an army of thousands of men. For those of you who do not know, Sakura possesses incredible strength and healing abilities, which our men and women will greatly benefit from. They will be joining us in three days time” Shikamaru continued.

Naruto smiled and nodded. Sasuke was, by many, believed to be the only man able to match up Naruto in strength and chakra. Sasuke and Naruto, were, however, once, blood sworn enemies, who ended up fighting each other a year prior. They had both almost lost their lives in the process, luckily, however, they ended up losing an arm each instead. There were no victors, instead, they had both realised that they were going to die if they had kept going and decided to stop. Why were they fighting in the first place? Power, foolishness, ego and loneliness. Sasuke blamed the previous Emperors for his family’s annihilation and sought revenge, proclaiming he would kill Naruto and become the emperor himself to change the destiny of their people. They had come to realise that they understood each other better than anyone else during their fight, Sasuke also realised that Naruto was not like any other Emperor, which diminished his wish for revenge. Today, Naruto considers Sasuke to be his greatest friend.

Sasuke's wife, Sakura is declared the most powerful woman among the Kingdoms, Sasuke himself claiming that he would never marry a weakling. Naruto and Sakura had been friends since young age, so she was extremely happy to see the love of her life and her childhood friend become good friends as well.
Sakura's and hear medical team were successful in research to grow regenerative cells, that would allow for Naruto and Sasuke to grow out new, highly functional arms. She needed but a few more weeks time for that technique to be fully functional, and she hoped and prayed that the war wouldn't fully erupt until then...

“And the Hyuga’s are sending Neji, Hinata- and an army of 50.000 men. They are arriving the day after tomorrow” Shikamaru kept on reading the list of all the nations and the number of soldiers they would be sending, all arriving the following day or the next, but all Naruto's mind could focus on was Hinata’s name and the excitement he was feeling because he’d finally get to meet her again.

Shikamaru and Kakashi were no fools, they understood that Naruto had felt something for the Hime during their visit to the land of the Moon. They had hoped that it would be something fleeting, that Naruto would meet someone new that would fascinate him and make him forget about Hinata, but that never happened. Not to say that he didn't meet other beautiful, lovely and available women, after all, Naruto was a powerful and attractive man, a man with needs which he had at times made sure to meet. But he never showed any interest in courting nor marrying any of the women he had briefly and rarely entertained.

Seeing how his face had begun to express happiness the second that Hinata's name had been mentioned alarmed them. They could only hope that Hinata would not become a distraction during the war. Knowing Naruto, he would gladly risk his future and sacrifice his life if it meant saving hers, should she ever be in danger. Because of this, Kakashi and Shikamaru thought it would be better to keep them apart, at least during a lager period of the battle.

Little did they know, that altering the path of fate could be accomplished in mere moments.

The Hyuga’s arrived on time to join the emperor and the other Kings for the final strategy meeting. The major battle had yet to begin, so, all present members were still dressed in their normal attires. Each member approached the royal throne to salute Naruto and pledge their loyalty. And, finally, it was the Hyuga’s turn.

“Your grace, I’d be honoured to die in battle for you” Neji said as his turn to speak came.

“Crown Prince Neji, I'd rather you not die at all, and just win for me instead” Naruto replied, with a smirk. Neji nodded and smirked back.

Then, it was Hinata who revealed herself from where she stood behind Neji, and approached Naruto's throne and bowed. She wore a navy velvet gown and carried a modest golden tiara with a handful of sapphires. She had grown even more beautiful, and attractive, than Naruto could ever imagine was possible. As happy as she was to see him, she was equally mortified by the sight of his missing right arm, “My lord, the Hyuga’s are here to proof our loyalty and fight for your cause” Hinata finally said in shaking voice, after collecting her thoughts and composing herself.

Thrilled to see her, Naruto rose from his chair and stepped down from his throne to approach her. Once he was near enough, he grabbed her right hand in his left one, noticing that the golden emerald ring still remained at its place, and proceeded to tenderly kissed her hand, while deeply looking into her eyes. “Welcome to my home, Hime” he said, which was met by a sweet, and shy smile from Hinata.

Everyone observed the unique greeting that the princess had received by the emperor, but most thought nothing of it, after all she was a beauty and any man would’ve given her the same attention if they could…

The Kings and their following were invited to a big feast the day of Sasuke's arrival to celebrate the completed army assembly. The feast held at Naruto's home were different from the ones at the Hyuga’s, Hinata noticed. The atmosphere was more relaxed, loud and less organised. She enjoyed parts of it, but not all, at least not the parts where she felt like she was being gawked at, by some of the men from across the room. She was thankfully seated next to Sakura, the Cherry Goddess, who possessed pink bright hair and big beautiful jadegreen eyes. No one dared look at Sakura though, knowing King Sasuke, and that he’d shred them to pieces for trying anything with his wife. But Hinata? She was not married, as far as they’re concerned, she was an unclaimed beauty- so she had to be free game...

“Lady Hinata, don't fret. I wouldn't let anyone harm you, and neither would Naruto” Sakura said, with a reassuring smile, sensing Hinata’s discomfort.

Hinata was amazed by the fact that Sakura had referred to Naruto by his first name, like he was some commoner, but also felt flustered that Sakura had described Naruto as some kind of a lover for who would protect his mate. She decided that she liked Sakura “Thank you, lady Sakura” Hinata said, smiling back.

“Please just call me Sakura. Besides, us females need to stick together, right? “Sakura said.

“Mhm, I'd like that” Hinata answered with an even more hopeful smile.

Naruto had tried to gain Hinata's attention throughout the feast, but it was impossible. The dining hall was incredibly crowded and Hinata was engulfed in conversation with Sakura and seated far away. He couldn't understand why she had not bothered to look his way, at least once... Looking at her for the seventh time for the night, he finally noticed the discomfort she was in, so he followed her line of sight and detected two generals approaching her, visibly drunk. He knew one of them, he was a good soldier, but he was horrible to women. Naruto knew he shouldn't make a scene, but as they reached her table and spoke to her, he saw how her eyes had widened and how Sakura had risen from her own chair to reprimand them. He couldn't hear anything but he figured that he'd seen enough and would interfere.

Where is Neji? Naruto mentally thought, gritting his teeth, to no one specific, as he rose from his throne and made his way to Hinata and Sakura. He walked slowly but firmly, not wanting to cause a scene. When he finally reached them, he placed himself in front of Hinata.

Hinata had never seen anything like the red chakra that was oozing out of Naruto’s body in her entire life. She was paralysed with fear when Naruto approached them, and was very curious to find out what had made him so angry. At first, she thought it was her, but following his line of sight proved that it was directed at the men standing in front of her instead.

“What is this red colour around you, your Grace?” Hinata asked, shakily.

“What red colour?” Sakura asked, not understanding what Hinata was referring to.

“Hinata Sama, what do you see exactly?” Neji asked, as he finally approached them.

“You don’t see it? The crimson red chakra covering him?” Hinata asked back, confused.

Naruto was not focusing on their conversation, instead addressing the generals and calmly yet intimidatingly threatened without yelling; “How dare you disrespect my guest! Back the f*ck off, or I’ll have you fed to the fox!”.

The whole room went silent at his display, some were too scared to even blink, for many knew what Naruto truly was capable of and did not wish to further enrage him.

“Y…Yes, my lord” the generals said in unison, bowing, and retreating to their seats.

“Naruto, please calm down. It is alright now…” Sakura said, calmly.

“I apologise for causing you any trouble, my lord” Hinata said remorsefully.

Upon hearing those calming words, Hinata noticed the red chakra beginning to subside. Finally, Naruto took a deep breath, closing and opening his eyes before turning to Neji and Hinata and ordering “I shall speak to you both, in private, at once!”.

“Please all, continue to enjoy the feast!” Shikamaru loudly declared, to brighten up the atmosphere in the room, which earned him cheers and laughter from the crowd, making the noises fill the hall once again, as if nothing had ever happened.

Kakashi quickly followed Naruto as he exited the dining hall, Hinata and Neji following close behind, as he led them all to the royal gardens. “Neji, I believed you to be the strongest Hyuga to ever have existed, so tell me, why was it necessary for Hinata Hime to come? Women are more exposed and thus, more vulnerable in wars, you should've known better than to bring her with you” Naruto said, anger visible in his voice.

“But my Lord, Sakura Sama is a lady, and she will be fighting with you, thus…” Hinata began before Naruto turned to face her to quickly interrupt her; “You are not Sakura.”

Hinata felt as though an arrow had pierced through her heart, as Naruto uttered the said words. She had never claimed to be anyone else but herself and she would unquestionably admit that Sakura was stronger, but she also knew that, with her abilities, she was even stronger than some of the highest ranked generals in the united armies… Why did the emperor need to insult her so? Before she could proceed to defend her position, Neji interfered; “My Lord, Hinata Sama was the only one capable of seeing the red chakra that you were emitting when you had gotten riled up moments ago. I might be the strongest Hyuga, but even I don't possess those unique visual abilities. In fact, this is solely inherited down to Hyuga females, and manifested every 5-6 generations.

The purple hue in her eyes is the ultimate proof of her unique ability. Her powers ensure she can detect enemies from miles away. For the purple eyes, no chakra is invisible. We would gladly proof this to you, if that is your wish. You have my word that I’d personally retire her from this war, should she fail to demonstrate it.” Neji emphasized.

“Then it’s settled, we shall see if your words hold any true, be ready at dawn” Kakashi summarized the meeting.

Naruto tried, but failed to find any good reason to further object- so he was left with no choice but to accept. He saw the disappointment in Hinata’s face, and felt guilty for insulting her the way that he had, as he calmed down. She only wanted to fight for him, but what she didn’t understand, was the real cause for his objection, the one he couldn’t utter: He did not wish to see her put in harm’s way.

“You’re all dismissed, except, Hinata hime, you shall remain” The Emperor said authoritatively.

Kakashi did not approve of Naruto’s impulsive demands, that once again seemed to have risen as soon as Hinata had appeared in his life. This was precisely why he and Shikamaru had wanted to separate the two during the war… They feared for his safety, but to their surprise, it would seem that Hinata could be the reason why his safety would be ensured… He decided he would leave it for now, it was unlikely that Naruto would do anything more at this point.

Oddly, Neji did not protest and simply took his leave. Kakashi threw Naruto a look of warning before departing; what are you doing?


“My Lord, you've been in my prayers everyday since we parted. You’ve saved me from a marriage that I did not wish for, even if it is temporarily, you've saved my country from a war, and now you are saving our world from annihilation. I'm in debt to you, we all are. Fighting by your side would be an honour that I ask of you not to take from me” Hinata finally said.

Naruto realised that he had not thought this through, he was oblivious to what he wanted to say once he asked her to stay, he only knew that he longed to be near her, to speak to her and even touch her, the yearning pestering him throughout the evening.

But he did not anticipate- nor understand the feeling that had surged inside of him once he had seen the other men approaching her, nor did he like to hear her proclaims of willingly wanting to fight- and thus, possibly dying for him. It reminded him of the same feeling he had experienced last time he'd met her, especially when she had stated that she had admired him, it somehow filled his heart with an emotion he couldn’t describe. He couldn't find the right words to answer her, so his body acted on its accord and he approached her instead. His eyes trailed from her eyes to her lips, observing her whole body, making his eye became hooded with lust with each passing second.

Hinata was completely taken aback by his actions. He suddenly stood so close to her, raising his left hand to rest under her chin for a moment before pulling her face closer to his. He was nervous and so was she, he could tell, but nothing seemed more important at that moment, than to taste her lips. He gathered up more courage and placed his hand around her waist, slightly pulling her even closer to him, and lowered his head to the point where their lips could finally meet.

Hinata's eyes had almost bulged out of their sockets the second that their lips had met, but that did not stop Naruto from continuing to kiss her. It had only taken a few seconds before they had both closed their eyes, completely surrendering to the most wonderful feeling that the two of them had ever felt in their lives. If Hinata wasn’t certain before, she surely was now: She was madly falling in love with the emperor.

Hinata passed the test the following day, by detecting every hidden opponent no matter where their location- or abilities had been. Kakashi become completely convinced of her usefulness as an exceptional asset in the war after she had succefully detected Naruto's chakra and identified his location too, which had been considered impossible to do. Naruto, however, was unhappy about her success, particularly since it was decided that she would initially be assigned to the searching unit, a different one than the one he was leading. The searching unit was also going to be the first to be dispatched, which meant she would be out of his sight, for God knows how long…

Hinata, however, wrongly interpreted Naruto’s anxiety as annoyance. Her mind began to calculate various scenarios as to why he was acting so cold towards her that morning after the training. Perhaps, he had regretted the intimate kiss they had shared the night before? Or maybe, it was just a kiss to him, and he needed to assert that she held no other meaning to him. After all, he was the emperor and was used to women fawning over him. As happy as she was, that she was now granted approval to participate in the war, she was also saddend by the emperors shift in behaviour towards her and so as soon as it was possible, Hinata asked to be excused to retreat to her own tent.

Her heart clutched, but she was determined and made a vow to never allow herself to be nuisance- nor a burden to anyone, including the emperor.
Naruto noticed how Hinata had withdrawn herself from everyone the days after the training. While she would still smile and greet him, their interactions were limited to only that.

Despite of this, Naruto’s dreams continued, where he indulged in fantasies he wished to truly experience with her…
Hinata’s searching unit would be finally departing the day after, so Naruto began to frantically search for her, hoping to have, at least a moment with her before she would leave for the dangerous mission. Finally, he found her sitting all alone in the royal gardens, gazing at the moon. Kami, she looked so beautiful, illuminated by the moonlight, he thought.

“Hinata Hime” Naruto said as he approached her, causing Hinata to immediately rise and bow to him.

“My Lord, please accept my apologies, I did not hear you.” She explained, startled by his presence.

Odd, she could detect everyone during the training, Naruto thought before saying “No, please, don't apologise. “, he chuckled and moved to stand next to her, pretending to enjoy the view as well. “Why are you all alone out here?” He inquired.

“I love gazing at the moon; it has kept me company throughout my loneliest nights.” Hinata answered candidly.

“Hnn” Naruto answered, wishing he could rival the moon for that spot. Gulping, he added “It seems we will be separated as of tomorrow”, focusing his gaze on her face instead.

“So, it seems” Hinata answered, shifting her gaze from the moon, down to nothing specific.

“Hinata, please look at me.” Naruto finally asked, and hesitantly, she turned to look at him. “Promise me to be careful.” He pleaded.

“Only if you promise me the same” Hinata countered, helplessly trying to fight off the tears that gathered in her eyes as worry and fear struck at the thought of never seeing him again.

Encouraged by her reaction, which he interpreted as, her still caring for him, Naruto turned to completely face her, and backed her into the nearest wall, placing his left hand at the back of her head to protect her skull from crashing before devouring her lips in a desperate kiss.

“Stay alive and come back to me” He ordered between multiple kisses.
The war would drag out for two exhausting months, but the army never lost hope as intel on how their side was winning in different parts of the lands was pouring in and encouraging them. Who lived, and died during the battle was weekly reported, which is how Naruto had known that Hinata was still alive and fighting along with Neji at this time.

The greatest battle was now concentrated in the area where Kakashi and Naruto were fighting. Sasuke’s and Neji’s armies had been summoned to aid in the final battle, Kakashi deeming Hinata’s powers crucial at this time to protect the Emperor. Once Neji’s army had arrived, they immediately joined the emperor to fight beside him, which gave Naruto an opportunity to finally see Hinata after months of worry. Despite their dishevelled appearance, the two had been extremely happy to see each other alive and well when they finally met.

The war persisted for another two months- which had taken its toll on everyone involved, but still, they persisted. Naruto was a fearless and ferocious warrior and leader who inspired all those around him to believe that they would ultimately become victorious and that their efforts would be all worthwhile. The emperor’s resolve was further ignited by a new flame, he always had a reason to fight and survive- for his people, but now, with Hinata beside him every day, he didn’t just feel like he was living- he truly felt alive. And he would not die, until he knew that she would be safe, and his Kingdom triumphant. Hinata had, in the meantime, become more enamoured with Naruto’s character and resolve as well, his demeanour and convictions had encouraged and cheered her. She felt herself becoming more happy, confident and truly wanted to follow this man, wherever he would go.

These two months had allowed him to spend more time with Hinata, either in battle where they would protect each other, or in the few moments of peace they had in between the battles. In the midst of the fires, in rare moments of serenity they would sit and converse together, and in ever rarer moments of solitude, he would hold her and kiss her as often as he could. Naruto did not want to part from this woman and nor did she want to part from him. Hinata had completely succumbed to her heart’s wishes, she was utterly and completely in love with the emperor at this point. But she also feared, that for Naruto, the feeling was not entirely reciprocated. She knew he felt something, but perhaps it was just lust?

In one of those beautiful and rare occasions of serenity, Naruto ordered a guard to summon Hinata to his tent, implying he needed her opinion for a strategy that required her powers. No one questioned that, as they all had come to appreciate her as an important asset to the war, and the pair had done an amazing job hiding their romance from the rest.

“Lord, you summoned me” Hinata stated as she entered the tent and bowed to him. “Yes, guards, leave us”, Naruto ordered, and did not waste a second longer before the guards left, to run to her arms. He held her tight and breathed in her wonderful scent. “How do you smell so good?” he breathed in.
Hinata chuckled, “I still take baths, my lord”, but her humorous demeanour died down when she noticed the look he was giving her. His eyes were hooded, pinning her to her spot, he pushed her back with him to rest on his futon, before once again devouring her in a kiss. His hand rested on her neck and slid further down her back, before resting on her waist. He was groping her hungrily, and even he recognised that his advances were different this time. His need for her was developing and intensifying. Hinata happily kissed him back, but did not dare touch anything below his abdomen, unlike him, who had begun caressing her thighs as he encouraged her to stand up and sit on his lap. Hinata’s mind went into a haze, she was torn between thinking that this behaviour was improper because she was, after all, still betrothed to someone else, and thinking that this feeling was absolutely addictive and she did not wish to stop.

“Hinata” Naruto whispered her name in her ear, feeling himself become more and more aroused by the minute.

“Yes, my lord?” Hinata asked lazily, closing her eyes as she felt his breath on her neck and ear.

Naruto tried to say something more, but couldn’t, instead choosing to let his body do what his mind and mouth couldn’t, express himself. So, his hand trailed up from her thigh to lightly rest on her womanhood. Once he made sure that Hinata did not get scared, alarmed nor offended, he decided to begin to gently pat her.
“My lord, Lady Sakura and his lord Kakashi require an audience”, the guards yelled from outside the tent.

At the sound, Hinata jumped up from Naruto’s lap and leaped, heading to the other side of the tent, ensuring to compose herself and her appearance. Her face was flushed as her sensed came back to her, and she refused to spare Naruto another glance, embarrassed by what she had done with him. Naruto remained seated in his spot and huffed in annoyance, he was still aroused and did not wish to be bothered. This interruption was a true inconvenience to him. But it was too late, people had seen Hinata enter the tent so he couldn’t deny her presence and send them off, specifically since Kakashi, the leader of his army was supposed to always be present for such “strategy meetings” with the Hyuga. Naruto took a deep breath, and defeatedly said, “Let them in”.

“Oh Hinata, you’re here too!” Sakura happily said as she entered the tent. “Good, then you’ll get to hear the good news too”.

“What news?” Naruto inquired. Sakura rushed to Naruto’s side and exposed his right arm “This” she answered, before infusing her chakra and implanting some form of a chakra infusion into his arm. “I’ve already tried it on Sasuke, and his body did not reject it. If your body can tolerate it as well, then you’ll have a new arm grown out within a weeks’ time” Sakura claimed.

“This is indeed good news” Naruto confirmed, widely smiling at Sakura and Hinata, whose expression demonstrated that she was thrilled by the news as well.
Kakashi’s expression was hard to read, one could tell that he was initially happy from the squint of his eye. The squint, however, did not last for long, as his expression shifted to one of suspicion between Naruto and Hinata. Kakashi understood that they probably were spending some time alone, he only wished that Naruto wouldn’t be so foolish to allow his lust to get the best of him, and lead the pair into the point of no return.

“Congratulations my lord! If it’s alright, I will reside to my tent” Hinata asked.

“Tomorrow, we will be entering a crucial and dangerous part of the battle, one I believe will decide the fate of this war. So, I suggest you all get a good night’s rest” Kakashi added.

“Yes, Hinata, you may go. Sleep well, my lady” Naruto shot her a gentle smile which Hinata reciprocated before leaving, joined by Sakura.

“I hope you sleep now too, Naruto” Kakashi ordered.

Naruto held his composure, although he felt himself crumbling at Kakashi’s gaze. Naruto did not fear Kakashi, but he respected him and did not want to disappoint him. He knew that his actions were risky and did not want alarm his mentor any further.

Despite Naruto annoyance for the interruption of his time with Hinata, he was happy to hear that he would be getting a new arm soon. And even happier to know, that tomorrow would possibly be, the end of this war, so that his people- and Hinata would finally be safe again.


Hinata was ordered to remain by Naruto’s side in the midst of battle, she spotted distant movement and pointed out the direction of the invisible enemies and her powers led to the enemy’s timely execution and saved her squad from certain death.

But war was not an organised event which always played out as planned, and whose steps could always be foreseen. Suddenly, the enemy was quickly approaching, and even worse, Naruto and his closest soldiers were almost drained of chakra. At a certain point, Naruto had taken more blows that his body could handle from the leader of the enemy, known as Pain. Kurama decided to reach out to Hinata, who stood closest to him, to ask her to buy them some more time, time he needed to gather more chakra for Naruto. Kurama had only asked for a few minutes… But Hinata's own Byakugan had ceased functioning due to her own exhaustion, which resulted in her failure to notice that Pain had approached Naruto even closer, until it was almost too late. Hinata screamed for help, but her allies were all too far away, and they wouldn't make it on time.

Just as Naruto was beginning to regain enough strength to slowly open his eyes, he witnessed Hinata standing in between him and Pain, which terrified him. Pain was, after all, the one who had executed Jiraya, one of the strongest shinobi to have ever exist… Panic began to build up inside of him, and once he had regained enough strength to speak, he screamed at the top of his lungs “HINATAAAA, GET OUT OF HERE! YOU'RE NO MATCH FOR HIM!!!!”

“I know” She had simply replied, slightly turning her to face him, happy to see that he was regaining his strength.

Her left shoulder received the first hit and Naruto cursed his inability to move, and demanded for Kurama to act faster. When Hinata become distracted by the impact, Pain had tried to run past her towards Naruto instead, but she collected herself and tried to fight him off once again.

“HINATA, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? STOP, RUN!” Naruto screamed again.

“I used to always cry and give up... But you - You helped me find the right path... You changed me! Your smile is what saved me! That is why I'm not afraid to die protecting you! Because... I love you." Hinata said right before having her heart (or what he thought was her heart) impaled by one of Pain’s sharp metal rods, and succumbing to unconsciousness.

Only seconds after had Kurama- and now Naruto regained full strength. Naruto charged at Pain, giving him no chance to react before grabbing him, lifting him up and with brutal strength elbowing his back, breaking his spine in two and crushing his skull. Kurama witnessed Naruto go berserk after that, and beginning to hurt people from his own army even, so he decided to withdraw his chakra from Naruto. With the leader Pain, now dead, the battle was as good as won, and Naruto needed to calm down, so as Kurama’s chakra had dissipated, Naruto had again collapsed of exhaustion.

Sasuke and Sakura ran to his side, and Sakura immediately began to perform medical healing rituals on him, “Sakura. please, please, save her.” Naruto said, weakly, before falling unconscious.

Once Sakura had made sure that he was not in a crucial state, she ran to Hinata’s side. She saw Neji approaching her, carrying Hinata, “She is still breathing, but I don’t think it's for long, the amount of blood she has lost” his voice cracked, “we might be too late”.

The look in Sakura’s eyes changed from one of shock to determination, “Give her to me!” Sakura ordered, placing Hinata on the ground and beginning to heal her with all her might. “Wake up, dear. We can’t have the emperor lose his love like this” she whispered in Hinata’s ear.

The cheering of the allied army could be heard in the background, as the last enemy standing had been defeated and victory was declared.
It had taken Naruto another two days to wake up, feeling completely restored, but he was not sure that he could say the same thing about his heart. He was happy to learn that Hinata had survived, yet sad that she was still unconscious. Sakura had told him that Hinata had suffered a great loss of blood, which meant that she would remain in a comatose state for a week or two, but that he should be happy because she would survive. He couldn't erase the feeling of guilt inside of him, knowing that he was the reason for her current state, and he most certainly couldn't forget what she had said, and how it had made him feel right before she had received the almost fatal blow.

As days went by, Neji claimed that he would need to return to his own lands, feeling assured to leave Hinata at the Emperor's care with a few personal guards of their own army behind as well. Sasuke and Sakura had also returned after Sakura had made sure that her powers were no longer needed and that Hinata could now recover without. She also made sure to supervise the growth of Naruto’s new arm which was now complete. Although the implantation had been successful and the arm was fully functioning, Naruto found the arm to be aesthetically unpleasing and kept it bandaged. It wasn’t because he was vain, but to spare the people around him, especially the children who had cried at the sight of it.

Naruto made sure to visit Hinata, and talk to her about sweet nothings everyday he could. In those days, Naruto came to understand his own feelings and figured out why he felt so drawn, attracted and responsible- for her. He knows he had always cared for his friends and wanted to protect them, but this was different, the was not a friendly kind of love. This was romantic love, love filled hope and desire, love that he knew he didn’t want to be without.

Naruto was enjoying a sensual dream of Hinata, a scene inside his chambers where Hinata lay between his legs on his bed, as he was railing her and planting kisses everywhere on her body that he could reach. Hinata had her eyes closed, lost in their love making and said

“Naruto… I want (inaudible) to come”
“Come for me, beautiful” Naruto ordered.
“No… I want you, to come” She explained.
“I want to see you do it first, gorgeous” Naruto said, smirking…before noticing the tears that had begun to stream down her face.
“No, please… come” Hinata said and she opened her eyes, as an arrow suddenly shot through her heart, causing blood to splatter all over his bed, face and body. Naruto woke up gasping for air and panicking from the vision he had seen. As he was trying to catch his breath, a heavy knock was heard on the doors of his chamber.
“What is it?!” Naruto yelled, annoyed.

“My Lord, I apologise for interrupting you at this hour” Lee, one of Naruto’s guards, replied.

“Get to it, Lee!”

“Hinata Hime has just awoken!”

Naruto froze.

“I will visit her at once”, he claimed as he instantly rose from his bed.

Naruto had ordered his court maids to immediately notify him the second that Hinata would awaken, no matter the hour or situation at hand. This was the pleasant news he had longed to hear, and a wonderful distraction from the nightmare he had witnessed in his slumber.


Hinata was still clothed in her egg-white nightgown, her maids did not even get a chance to help her change into something more proper, before Naruto had barged into the room. Kakashi and two other guards remained outside her chambers, knowing that the princess would not be decently dressed at this hour.
Hinata immediately tried to get up and bow, but miserably failed as pain struck her in the attempt.

“Princess, you must not exert yourself, please, my Lord, excuse her inability at this moment” the doctor, Shizune argued.

“How is she?”, was Naruto's only response, speaking to the doctor but not bothering to look at her, or at any of the other maids since his eyes were fixed on Hinata’s.

“She is still weak, I will order bedrest for another week…But, she is better than expected, my Lord, that Sakura Sama…she is something else”, Shizune answered.

“Very well…All of you, leave us” Naruto ordered.

“But, my Lord.” Shizune said and immediately regretted it when Naruto shifted to look at her, anger visible in his eyes at her objections.

The silence was heavy once the two of them had been left alone before Hinata broke the silence by saying, “I’d like to thank you for accommodating and nurturing me back to health, your Grace. I apologise that you had to be disturbed at this hour, please don’t stay any longer for my account.”

“Hime” Naruto said as he sat on her bed and reached out to tenderly kiss her right hand - closing his eyes as a single tear fell down from his left eye.

“Nar.. Your Grace, are you crying?” Hinata said frantically as she reached out to wipe the tear and comfort him.

“I’ve felt a connection to you from the moment that I saw you. Your kindness and beauty drew me, I’ve never met anyone as mesmerising as you. I’ve truly enjoyed your company, but I knew that you were betrothed and that we’d have to separate our paths soon someday, so I did not want to admit my feelings, nor allow them develop any further” Naruto confessed.

“Feelings for me?” Hinata quietly asked, shocked.

“You’ve consumed my thoughts during the day and my dreams during the night ever since I met you. I was thrilled to have you back after longing to see you for the years we’ve been apart. What I had felt for you in the land of the Moon has remained in my heart during your absence and it has scared me. I cared for you too much, and I could not allow myself to do so, not when I knew that I couldn’t have you. But, the time we spent together during the war…it only served to intensify my feelings for you…And…When you confessed to me, I realised what a fool I’ve been…to ever believe it to be possible to ever control my feelings too, after all, a man has never been able to decide whom he loves.”

“Loves?” Hinata said, eyes widening, as Naruto lightly touched the wound around her heart, keeping eye contact with her.

“Yes, Hime. I love you.” Naruto proclaimed after straightening himself, his eyes were determined, and again, he moved to grab her hands.
Hinata looked down at their interlocked hands that were resting on the covers of her bed and smiled shyly as tears rolled down her face, “I love you too”, she assured him in a weak voice.

Naruto let go of her hands and devoured her in a deep passionate kiss.

The two weeks after that had been a living dream for Naruto and Hinata. Once she had regained enough strength, they would share walks in the royal gardens and feast together whenever Naruto was not too busy with the state affairs.

As they sat on a blanket in the gardens, basking in the last moments of the warmth of the sun, Naruto leaned against a tree, with Hinata nestled into him. “I can’t believe I missed that you had new arm when I woke up. I was so caught up by your confession…I think a part of me was convinced that I was dreaming” Hinata giggled, and brought Naruto’s prosthetic hand to her lips, giving it a light kiss.

“It’s quite alright- I’ll make sure you never forget the feel of its touches” Naruto proclaimed, and gently placed a kiss on her cheek and then her neck, making Hinata blush and fidget. He could be so blunt and lewd, and a part of her truly enjoyed it, while the other simply did not know how to handle it. “Come on hime, the sun is setting and we must keep you warm” he said, raising up and pulling Hinata up with him, heading into the castle.

Kakashi, Shikamaru, Lee, Shizune, and some of the royal guards and maids, heck- anyone who had lived within the emperor’s castle witnessed how the pair had gradually fallen in love with each other, and truthfully were happy to see the emperor take a liking to someone as sweet, gentle, wise and strong as the Hyuga princess. But Kakashi’s worry did not subside, he knew that what they were doing was fundamentally wrong, Hinata was betrothed and her stay here was entrusted to them till she would regain her health. She was supposed to be taken care of and protected. The Hyuga’s would not stand for the emperor stealing their princess, he’d be perceived as egotistic and avaricious and Kakashi feared retaliation.This was not the right way for Naruto to have Hinata, if that was what he truly wanted, so Kakashi decided to interrupt the two during their supper;

“My lord, princess”, he began, “Neji's inauguration must be done as soon as possible; thus, we have set a date for the official coronation, so that you can bless his ascension, your Grace”.

“Yes, proceed with the arrangement” Naruto confirmed, refocusing on this plate. But Hinata stopped eating, feeling somewhat uneased by Kakashi’s tone.

“As you Hinata Hime have now also recovered, there are no more motives for you to prolong your stay and may thus, return to your lands safely with us for the inauguration, as I’m sure you…”

“She will stay as long as I say so.” Naruto interrupted Kakashi, sounding furious.

“It is improper, my Lord, think of her reputation.”, Kakashi emphasized.

Hinata remained silent, knowing full well that Kakashi was right, she could no longer stay with Naruto, no matter how much her heart had wished for it. She had been living a dream that she never wanted to wake up from so leaving this, meant departing heaven for her. She was so consumed by her thoughts that she failed to notice Kakashi leaving.

“Hinata” Naruto called, aiming to gain her attention. “Hinata, I love you. And I will do everything. Everything to have you.” Naruto said as he got up from his seat and approached her, grabbing her by the arm and making her rise to embrace her.
“My Lord, you can’t… I will not have you destroy your reputation and engage in conflict over this…over a woman.” Hinata tried to sound confident and embraced him even tightly.

“A woman? Hinata, I’ve loved you for years.” Naruto, now backed from the embrace and gazed into her eyes.

“And I you. But there is no peaceful resolution to this. My Lord, please…don’t destroy your life for me” Hinata said, tearing up.

“Hinata, I refuse to let you marry another man and I won’t tolerate having you treated like some kind of a puppet” Naruto stated, becoming angrier with each word.
“We don’t have a choice.” Hinata said angrily. “I’ve never had a choice. I was so foolish and ignorant to allow myself to fall for you, to give us hope that this could ever be…I’m sorry, I’m so sorry” Hinata responded, and leaped out of the dining room.

“Hina” Naruto’s words died down his throat as she disappeared from his sight. He felt utterly useless and powerless. He was the damn emperor, but at this moment he was clueless as to how he could possibly solve this.

“Damn it!”, he yelled, frustrated, and slammed his hands down on the table, sending plates and drinks crashing to the floor in a chaotic mess.

The guards and maids had come rushing into the room but froze at the door, not daring to approach him during this moment of rage.

Hinata tried to distant herself from the emperor, hoping it would somehow erase the feelings she had for him, and his for her. She had refused to dine with, stroll the gardens, or- do anything with him the following days. It hurt her to no end, but it was a necessity she believed. Her emotions consumed her at the end, sadness and depression taking over her body, making her weak, and matters were made worse when she later refused to eat. Finally, the maids, decided to report the status of her declining health to Kakashi, who decided to rely it further to the emperor. To his surprise, Naruto did not react, at least not irrationally and simply ordered for the maids to ensure Hinata would eat, and take her out for walks- making no mention of demanding to see her.

Naruto initially believed that her actions had meant that she no longer wanted him, but he realised that she was suffering, just as he was. She was the one with the least power in this case, and she must’ve been doing what she thought would best serve him. He remembered her words

“I will not have you destroy your reputation and engage in conflict over this.”

Everything Naruto had done since being named emperor, had been for the good of his people. He gave up his youth, time, friends- for his people. But Hinata was a different matter, he couldn’t accept giving her up, for her- he would wage wars. But it is evident that she didn’t not want that for him. She wanted him to keep his reputation, and did not want to see anybody hurt for this, even if it was at the cost of her own happiness. Naruto, however, couldn’t bear the idea of her sacrificing herself, to be forced to be with someone she did not know, nor want. Worse, he couldn’t bear the thought of her with another man…. That would be his undoing.

His castle had been Naruto’s home since birth, he was familiar with every corner and hideout of this place, which made it effortlessly simple for him to sneak into Hinata’s room, without anyone finding out, later that night. She was sound asleep, but looked weary and pale. He approached her, and immediately covered her mouth to silence her. Hinata woke up terrified, trying but failing to scream as tears instantly began to stream down her face.

“Shhhh, Hinata, please. It’s me!” Na comforted her in a hushed tone, but kept his hand on her mouth till Hinata calmed down.

“Oh, thank Kami” Hinata threw herself at him and embraced him. “I thought you were Toneri” she cried, until she came to her senses and unhooked herself from his embrace. She slowly sat up, grabbing her robes to ensure her decency, all the while Naruto was silently observing her, catching a glimpse of her voluptuous body while seating himself on her bed. “My Lord, why are you here at this hour? If someone sees us…”

“Who is Toneri?” Naruto asked.

“The one… I’m betrothed too” Hinata answered, frightened by how he would react.

“Hn” Naruto answered, and then smirked, patting her bed, signalling for her to sit next to him.

Her heart fluttered with joy at his sight, and her body automatically drew her to him. She neared him but hesitated to sit. Naruto noticed this and gently pulled her down by grabbing her arm. Once seated, he grabbed the back of her head, and forced her eyes to meet his. Her feminine scent of flowers and vanilla was as intoxicating as he could remember.

“My Lord, please, don’t make this any harder”. Hinata couldn’t stop the tears that rolled down her eyes, and she tried to close them.

“Hinata, look at me” Naruto said, forcing her to open her eyes and look into his. “I love you; you hear me?! You might not wish for anyone to get hurt, and neither do I- but I will not hesitate to eliminate those who hurt you… or stand in my way to have you. I promise you; I will find a way for us to be together, and I never go back on my word”.

A heart-breaking sob emitted from Hinata’s throat which Naruto silenced by engulfing her in a passionate and dominant kiss. She wasn’t reciprocating at first, but his actions gradually coerced her to do so. Naruto proceeded to slowly, but desperately, kiss her forehead, cheeks, lips again, before trailing down her chin, neck, and proceeding down to her bosom. The love, need and passion he felt for her took over him, he could think of nothing else but having her and claiming her at this moment. Hinata also became engulfed in lust and did not want this moment to end. She wanted to be his, damn be traditions. Naruto slowly removed her robes, but her body was still covered by a nude coloured, silky negligée. He proceeded to alter kisses between her face, neck and her breasts. He climbed further upon the bed, pushing her body down to tower her and proceeded to trail kisses down her stomach, allowing his left hand to carefully squeeze one of her clothed breasts. Naruto brought himself up again to check on Hinata, she looked so beautiful, so alluring…He proceeded to take his own shirt off. Then he took her hands in his and placed them on his back, coercing her to touch him as well. Encouraged by his actions, Hinata allowed herself to touch his shoulder blades, arms, and stomach. Naruto placed a hand atop of the hand that she rested on his stomach. Her sight was enticing, and Naruto felt his member twitch and mind go hazy. He knew that Hinata was feeling aroused as well, but she was still a virgin, so he had to take it slow. He carefully placed his hand on her clothed womanhood, and began working in circular and then in a swaying motion which sent Hinata to another dimension, her mind becoming even more foggy and she could not form a single thought, she could only indulge and allow this moment to overpower her.

Naruto was thrilled to see Hinata enjoying his advances, but after a couple of minutes, he wanted more, so he grabbed one of her hands, and directed them to his shaft. Through Hinata’s half lidded eyes she observed the motion that Naruto wanted for her hand to obey, and after a couple of strokes, she decided to take over. Naruto swore he never felt so good in his life. Her strokes were gentle but firm and were sending him off the roofs. He allowed her to continue for a couple of minutes, before removing her hands, he wanted her to come first- knowing he did not need much. He proceeded to stroke and dab her womanhood, seeing her eyes close, and hearing her emit sensual and erotic noises that developed into screams, that he had to muffle by kissing her even more. Between the kisses, he asked “Does it feel good, hime?”.

Hinata couldn’t answer, his touches were becoming more and more vigorous. “Uh...Na…I…” she breathed heavily.

“I can’t wait till I devour all of you.”, he confessed.

Hinata put her hands back on his co*ck and continued to stroke him at the same time, wishing for him to come as well.

“Oh, nn…. Good girl”, he encouraged.

Hinata placed her other hand on Naruto cheek, making him look deep into her eyes. She looked through half lidded eyes, “Naruto, this feels so …so good”
Na chuckled, struggling to keep his own composure.

“Uhhh…” she whimpered.

“Let go for me beautiful”, Naruto quickened the velocity of his strokes and Hinata obeyed, seeing white and screaming before almost passing out.

“Good girl, such a good girl” he praised, trailing kisses down her face and then her breasts.

He knew she was exhausted, so he embraced the hand that now loosely engulfed his co*ck, and assisted her to proceeded with the pumps, “Ahhh…”, he moaned and pushed the skirt of her negligee up, finally allowing himself to come and releasing himself on her stomach.

Realising that Hinata had fallen asleep, Naruto proceeded to clean up the mess before kissing her on her cheek and covering them both up, drifting to sleep as well.

There were no traces of Naruto, nor the mess they’d left behind, by the time that the maids had reached Hinata’s room in the morning after to prepare her for the departure.

The Emperor - Chapter 3 - Beatrizmar (2024)
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