Meyer Lemons Recipes (2024)

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It’s no secret that I love Meyer Lemons. Some of you have seen my Meyer lemons recipes sprinkled in social media or email newsletters. As I publish more Meyer lemon recipes each year, I would love to summarize them all in one post so you can choose what you want to use these lemons on. I promise you, you won’t regret using Meyer Lemons in your recipes!!

Meyer Lemons Recipes (1)

What Are Meyer Lemons?

I have read that Meyer lemons are a hybrid between regular lemons and mandarins. They were first cultivated in China. Initially they became available in US in California but their popularity is increasing every year and now they seem to be available in every market.

Meyer lemons are both sweet and tart. They look like a regular lemon, just smaller, more round and the peel looks more orange. They smell amazing too, you can smell the citrus smell but there’s also a floral aroma to them.

How To Use Meyer Lemons?

Meyer lemons can be used instead of regular lemons in baked goods, vinaigrettes, co*cktails, lemonades etc. You don’t need to do anything different other than follow the recipe.

Meyer lemons tend to be a bit smaller than regular lemons and they have thinner peel too. So sometimes you might not be able to substitute in a ratio of 1:1.

Meyer Lemons Recipes (2)

Recipes Using Meyer Lemons

Here are my recipes using Meyer Lemons at no particular order. I’ll keep adding more below as I make new recipes:).

Meyer Lemons Muffins with Blueberries

These Meyer lemons muffins with blueberries are some of my family’s baked goods. They smell floral and sweet and are perfect for breakfast or afternoon tea and coffee:).

Meyer Lemons Recipes (3)

Muffins Recipe

Meyer Lemon Drop

We all love lemon martinis and classic lemon drop, but you can elevate both of those traditional co*cktails by using Meyer lemons. This Meyer lemon drop will taste gourmet and your guests will be impressed with your bartending skills:).

Meyer Lemons Recipes (4)

Meyer Lemon Drop Recipe

Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette

This Meyer lemon vinaigrette makes for a gourmet salad dressing. It’s great on fresh salads with lots of greens and fruits. The luscious Meyer lemons with bright and sweet flavors give such an amazing taste to this vinaigrette:).

Meyer Lemons Recipes (5)

Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette Recipe

Meyer Lemons & Mango Gelato

Summertime is all about fresh lemonades, ice creams and gelatos. We are lucky to be able to get fresh mangoes and fresh Meyer lemons, so it’s easy to make this beautiful gelato at home.

Meyer Lemons Recipes (6)

Gelato Recipes

Frozen Meyer Lemons Margarita

If you love tangy frozen margaritas during a hot summer day, you’ll fall in love with my frozen Meyer lemon margarita.

Meyer Lemons Recipes (7)

Meyer Margarita Recipe

Meyer Lemons Bundt Cake

Bundt cakes are so easy to make. Who doesn’t enjoy a slice of homemade cake with coffee or tea? I make a very simple Meyer Lemons bundt cake with icing.

Meyer Lemons Recipes (8)

Meyer Lemon Cake Recipe

Citrus Sangria

While this citrus sangria has lots of citrus fruits and none of them are the star ingredient, I am including this recipe in the list because one of the ingredients it is indeed Meyer Lemons.

Meyer Lemons Recipes (9)

Citrus Sangria Recipe

Planting a Meyer Lemon Tree

We are lucky that we have a backyard in such a busy urban area. If you have read my blog in the past, you know that I’m very passionate about seasonal and locally grown fruits and vegetables. We share a massive mango tree with our neighbor and every summer I post lots of new mango recipes.

During the pandemic, we planted an avocado tree and a Meyer lemon tree. They’re growing and I can’t wait to get our first fruits from them:)).

More Citrus Recipes

I have other recipes in the blog you can check out that have at least one citrus ingredient:)

  • Orange Quinoa Salad
  • Orange and Walnuts Bundt Cake
  • Blood Orange Vodka co*cktail
  • Blood Orange and Leeks Salad

And so many more:)

More Recipes

  • Chili with Ground Beef and Beans
  • How To Thicken Soups?
  • Creamy Pork And Mushrooms
  • Homemade Filet Mignon
Meyer Lemons Recipes (14)

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Mom of 2, wife, engineer, food blogger & recipe creator! Sonila was born in Albania, her heritage inspires her Mediterranean recipes while that of her husband the Latin ones. Sonila has 2 degrees in Engineering from University of Miami.

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Meyer Lemons Recipes (2024)
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