How Much Does Eyebrow Threading Cost? - StyleSeat (2024)

Eyebrow threading costs anywhere from $10-$42 depending on factors like location and the technician’s expertise in this decades-old beauty service.

Threading, originating from Eastern regions like India and Central Asia, has perfected brows across the globe. Using a thin piece of thread, the brow specialist twists and pulls unwanted hairs away without stripping the skin and causing ingrown hairs. Understanding how a delicate piece of thread can remove brow hairs at their root to create the perfect shape can be tricky. However, understanding the benefits and price of a threading appointment is simple with this cost breakdown.

What affects the cost of eyebrow threading?

Various factors affect the cost of eyebrow threading. While threading is a quick process, it’s difficult to learn and perfect. So a heftier price for the appointment could mean that you’re paying to get your brows threaded by a technician who’s invested lots of time and money into perfecting their craft. However, the average price of $20 is due to many factors, including:

  • Location
  • Cost of materials
  • Potential additional services
  • Technician’s experience level

If you live in an area with a wide range of eyebrow-related beauty services, the price for eyebrow threading could be affected. For example, technicians may lower or match the prices of competitors to keep their name in the game.

While threading requires a small number of materials, it can still affect the cost of an eyebrow threading appointment. The technician uses a cleansing solution and a delicate piece of new sterile thread at every appointment to prevent breakouts and irritation of the skin surrounding your brows.

Occasionally a salon or brow technician offers add-on services like lamination, tinting, and upper lip threading. These additional services can cost anywhere from $10-$100 extra depending on the service you choose.

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It’s tricky to put a price on a technician’s experience level. However, eyebrow threading can be painful for those not used to the process or if it’s not done properly. Finding an experienced technician is essential to lessen the pain of this service while delivering crisp and clean results.

What are some other costs to consider?

Touch-up appointments and at-home maintenance can help you keep up with your ever-growing brow hairs, but it will cost you a bit extra. While eyebrow threading is sought after because hairs are removed at their roots, those tiny yet stubborn hairs will eventually grow back. Before booking a threading appointment, it’s important to consider some additional costs:

  • Touch-up appointments to remove regrowth
  • Cost of materials like tweezers and trimming scissors for at-home maintenance

Touch-ups can cost around $15 and will take no more than 10 minutes. Luckily, the more you keep up with threading, the less you’ll have to go back. It’s recommended to maintain your brows at home as well.

Buying tweezers, eyebrow trimming scissors, and a cleanser can cost around $40 altogether. However, this is normally a one-time purchase and will help elongate the time between threading appointments.

How much does eyebrow threading cost in the U.S.?

While brow specialists practice eyebrow threading across the globe, it’s a common service offered at salons all over the U.S. The price for eyebrow threading can vary depending on the state. We’ve gathered data from our community of eyebrow technicians across the country to help you understand eyebrow threading costs:

StateAverage appointment cost

How much should I tip for eyebrow threading?

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After an eyebrow threading appointment, it’s highly encouraged to tip the specialist for their time. Satisfied clients usually tip 20 percent of the appointment cost. So if your appointment costs $25, you’ll leave a $5 tip. Tipping shows the technician that you’re grateful for their service and you’re pleased with your brows.

Cash tips are typically preferred as they cut out transferring time and fees. If you have cash on hand or have time to withdraw cash before the appointment, your technician will greatly appreciate it. Don’t stress if you can’t leave cash — a quick call to make sure they take card tips can save both you and the brow expert any hassle.

Can I reduce the cost of eyebrow threading?

Yes, it’s possible to reduce the cost of eyebrow threading if they offer discounts. While discounts aren’t commonly displayed as you walk in, the technician may offer them. A student discount or a reduced total if you’ve paired services like brow and upper lip threading could cut down the price. It’s always best to check with your brow specialist before scheduling the appointment.

Are there alternative options to eyebrow threading?

Yes, there are many alternative options to eyebrow threading that can help clean and shape your brows to perfection, such as:

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Waxing is commonly offered at salons that conduct eyebrow threading appointments as well. It costs around the same amount as threading due to the cost of materials like wax, applicators, waxing sheets, cleansers, and soothing gels. Waxing can provide similar crisp and clean results, but it can be difficult to remove hairs close to the edge of the brow because of wax’s tendency to spread.

Plucking is one of the easiest yet most involved DIY brow maintenance techniques. A tweezer costs around $15 and can last a lifetime. Plucking missed hairs follows up many brow services like waxing. However, a brow tweezer is a great tool to have on hand any time you see a couple of rogue hairs in between threading appointments.

Laser hair removal is one of the most expensive hair removal services, costing around $125 per session for eyebrow services. To get lasting results, you typically need to have multiple sessions — up to six. While laser hair removal can prevent hair growth for years to come and possibly forever, it can hurt the bank.

Dermaplaning involves a tiny razor blade that cuts brow hairs at the surface of the skin. You can find packs of dermaplaning razors at local convenience and beauty supply stores for around $10. However, a licensed esthetician can offer dermaplaning for around $150-$250.

How long does eyebrow threading last?

Eyebrow threading can last anywhere from two to four weeks depending on how fast your hair grows back and how you maintain your brows at home. It’s recommended to go in for touch-ups once a month to ensure clean brows throughout the year.

Can I make eyebrow threading last longer?

Yes, you can make threading results last longer by taking steps to maintain your brows at home. However, not all tips work for everyone, as each person’s brows have different thicknesses and growth patterns.

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It’s encouraged to pluck and trim your brows weekly or whenever needed to get rid of random hairs and regrowth. While shaving your brows seems like a quick and painless way to maintain them, shaving only cuts the hair at the surface of the skin and doesn’t help slow down the production of hair over time.
Eyebrow threading is a quick and cost-efficient way to help your brows become twins — not just sisters. If you’re in the market to clean, perfect, and shape your brows, book an appointment with an eyebrow specialist near you.

How Much Does Eyebrow Threading Cost? - StyleSeat (2024)
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