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How can I register my profile on ChavaraEmpowerMatrimony?

You can either choose Online Registration or Offline Registration.

  • For Online Registration all you need to do is fill out the required information in the Registration Form as accurately as possible and click on the 'Submit' button.
  • For Offline Registration (Profile submission through network Branches)
  • You can visit any of our Chavara Family Welfare Centre Offices , and fill up the Matrimonial Registration form manually.
What are the things I should keep in mind while creating a matrimonial profile?

While creating a matrimonial profile:

  • You should only provide accurate information.
  • You should fill each and every field in the profile correctly and accurately.
  • You should only include valid phone numbers and Email ID.
  • You should submit the details of your ID Proof.
  • Verify all details before submitting.
What is a user ID? Is it important?

As a member, you can choose your own User ID while creating your profile, but after activation of your, we will give you a unique User ID. A User ID uniquely identifies your Profile and other Members can also search for your Profile on Chavara Empower Matrimony.com using the Profile ID search feature.

Why should I register in ChavaraEmpowerMatrimony.com site?
  • Most trusted Matrimonial service for differently abled.
  • 100% verified Matrimonial profiles.
  • Managed by Kerala Catholic Priests.
  • Contact members by telephone and message.
It is mandatory to submit ID Proof for registration?

Yes, ID Proof is mandatory for matrimonial registration by Indian IT Act.

What are the features and benefits of a ChavaraEmpowerMatrimony Membership?

ChavaraEmpowerMatrimony.Com is a platform where the Differently Abled can find their life partner from our extensive profiles. This Membership will help you to find your suitable partner easier and faster. It is a Free Membership which is valid till you marry.The features of the Chavara Empower membership are as mentioned herewith.

  • Members can contact other members directly.
  • Members can send and receive messages.
  • 100% verified profiles.
  • Customer Care Support from all our Branches.
  • 25 Branches across Kerala, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Delhi & Mumbai.
  • Members can upload up to 7 Photos on Profile.
  • Managed by CMI Fathers.
How do I Login?

Enter your "User ID" and "Password" in the respective boxes and Click on the "Login" button to login to your account.

Why is the message "Invalid User ID / Password" being displayed when I try to login?

You could have received these messages due to any of the below reasons.

  • You might have entered incorrect spelling
  • Unnecessary spaces in the Matrimony ID typed. Ensure that you don’t add any spaces For E.g. It should be CEMP23456 not CEMP 1234 56.
  • Do not try to login with your email ID.
  • After upgrading profile, you must enter your new user Id and password to login to your account.
I forgot my User ID / Password. What should I do?

Click on the Forgot Password link in the page, (just near to member login) provide your User Id OR Email ID .You will receive a mail with your login details. In case you have forgotten your User Id and Email ID and cannot remember it at all, please feel free to Contact us.

What are the different types of Searches?

There are various types of searches by which you can search for your suitable life partner. Our user friendly search options are:

  • Quick Search - Enables you to view profiles according to the age, height, community and place you have chosen.
  • Advanced Search - This is a detailed search and will give you accurate results based on Age, Height, Complexion, Marital Status, Community, Place, Education, Workplace etc. You can save up to ten searches that will help to get faster result in future.
  • Member Search - You can find a particular member using their Chavara.
What is ‘My Matches’?

My matches section is a match-making tool which automatically matches you with other suitable profiles according to your preferences.

I get the message "Sorry! No matches found" while using member search. Why is it so?

The candidate you are searching for might have been removed from our website. orYou might have entered the incorrect User ID.

I get the message "Sorry!! This profile is under Verification/ Hidden/ Inactive". Why is it so?

That maybe due to the following reasons:

  • The candidate you are searching for might have been married or the marriage might have been fixed.
  • The profile you are searching for is hidden from others.
  • The profile you are searching for is still under verification process.
  • The candidate you are searching for might have been blocked due to violation of our terms and conditions.
Can I search profiles of the same gender?

No, you are allowed to search profiles of opposite gender only.

Why am I not able to view a profile younger/elder to me?

As per our terms or use, female profiles will not have access to opposite gender profiles whose age is lesser than theirs. Similarly, male profiles will not have access to opposite gender profiles whose age is more than theirs.

I am a Non-member, How do I view a particular member’s profile?

Enter the matrimonial User ID/Reg. No of the member, on the “Search by ID "section of the Home Page. The profile details will be displayed.

I get an error message "No matching records found" while searching for the profiles. Why is it so?

It could be due to your search criteria. So, if you are searching for particular narrow categories, try to broaden your search.

How do I send personalized messages to the other members?

All paid members can send personalized messages. Go to the members profile and click on the "Send Message” link to send a personalized message to the other member, expressing your interest.

How will I know if a member has accepted my interest request?

You will be notified via email/SMS if the member accepts to your interest. You will also be informed of this when you log in to your profile. You can view how many members have accepted/declined your Interest in 'My Page'.

Can I "Decline" a member's interest which I have already accepted?

Yes, you can "Decline" a member's interest, after cancelling “accept” message.

Is it possible to “Accept” an already declined interest?

Yes, you can "Accept" a member's interest, after cancelling “Decline” message

Can I cancel a wrongly sent interest message?

Yes, you can cancel any sent messages within 24 hours.

When I cancel a sent message, what happens in the receiver's page?

Your message will be visible in the interest received page, but it never opens or responds at any time.

How can I view the members to whom I have sent a message?

Your recent sent messages and responded messages are visible in “Interest Sent” section and other no- response messages are kept in “Reply pending from members” section.

What is "Awaiting Reply"?

This section consists of the interest message sent by other members interested in your profile, which you have not responded even after 15 days of the message being received. You can reply to these messages whenever you want.

What is "Send Reminder" ?

If you have not received any reply after 15 days of sending a message to a member, you can send a reminder to them.

What is "Acceptance Reply" ?

After receiving an accepted interest message, you can reply with a personalized acceptance message.

Can I reply to Accepted Message?

Yes, you can reply with a personalized acceptance message.

What is the use of "Respond Later" button?

If you require more time to respond to a particular members message, you can click this “Respond Later” button. This message will be stored in your Interest Received page, so that you can respond whenever you feel like.

Is it possible to send an interest messaged again even if the member has declined the message?

No, you can’t send an interest messages to a member has declined the message.

Can I find all of the interest received messages in "Interest Received page"?

Yes, you can find the interest received messages in your “Interest Received Page” except your non-responded interest messages which will be moved to “Awaiting Reply” page after 15 days.

Can I send a second interest message to a member?

Yes, you can send a second reminder message after 15 days.

How can I send an interest reminder message?

Login to your profile, click “Reply pending from members”, click the message you want send as a reminder. Click the button to send the reminder message.

If I am a ChavaraEmpowerMatrimony.com member, how many ways are there to contact a suitable match?
  • By contacting candidate(s) through the ChavaraEmpowerMatrimony.com website.
  • By visiting any of the Chavara Family Welfare Centre Branch Offices.
  • By contacting candidate(s) through our Customer Care Executives.
How do I get in touch with members of my interest?

Login using your "User ID" and "Password". Search for your matches. In the search results page, click on the "More Details" link. After opening the candidate profile, click on "Send Message” button to send a message to the member, expressing your interest.

How can I get the contact details of other members such as Phone No. and address?

If you are a Paid member you can view other member’s phone number and address. Contact details are available in website and or branch offices.

I am a non-member. Is it possible for me to contact a member?

No, as a non-member you can only search a few profiles but to contact them, you have to be a paid member in ChavaraMatrimony.com.

How many photos can I add?

You can add up to seven photos in your profile - One profile photo, four photos in the album and two family photos in the family album. The maximum size allowed per photo is 10 MB.

How do I add a photo to my profile?
  • Login using your "User ID" and "Password"
  • Click on the "My Photo" menu.
  • Click the 'Browse' button and select the main photo first.(Photo should be in .jpg/.gif or .BMP format)
  • Click 'Upload Photo'
  • Crop your photo as required
  • After uploading the ‘Main Photo’ you can also add photos to the album repeating the above steps.
How do I crop photos?
  • For Main Photo: Move the cursor and select the image focus of your face only.
  • For Album Photo: Move the cursor and select entire image within the rectangle shape.
  • For Family Photo: There is no cropping option for family photos
What is photo validation process?

Every photo inserted in our website/App involves a manual screening. We allow it to be displayed only on the basis of its adherence which matches of our terms and conditions. The turnaround time for validation is 24 working hours. Only after the photo is validated, will it be available for all the members to see.

What are the other ways to add photos?
  • You can e-mail your photo to: [emailprotected] with your User Id
  • Send it to our WhatsApp number: 9995777037
  • If you do not have a digital (scanned) photo, visit any of our branch offices and submit your photo directly.
How do I protect my photo?

The “Photo protection” option lets you decide who can view your photo. You can protect your photo with a Password and only those members with whom you share your Password can view your photo.Go to “Manage photo” page and activate/deactivate this option.

After making a photo request, how will I view the photo of the candidate?

If your photo request is accepted, they will upload it to their profile and then you will get a mail alert including their photo.

How do I modify/update my profile?

Follow these steps to modify/update your profile contents:

  • Login using your "User ID" and "Password"
  • Go to "My Page" and Click on dropdown link to get ‘View & Edit my profile.
  • You can edit/modify the profile contents that are displayed and confirm it by clicking on the 'Submit' button.
  • The following fields are only updated after our verification:Name, Gender, Age, Marital Status, Education, Height, Name of the Father & Mother and Residence Phone no.
Are there any restrictions on updating your profile?

Yes, the following fields can only be updated after our verification:Name, Gender, Age, Marital Status, Education, Height, Father & Mother Name and Residence Phone no.

How can I change my password?
  • Login using "User ID" and "Password".
  • On the "My Page" page Click on dropdown menu and choose “profile settings”.
  • Click on “Change Password”.
  • Enter your current password and type your new password and confirm the same. Click on "Submit" button.
  • Your Password must have a minimum of 5 characters and maximum 15 characters. It is better to choose an alphanumeric Password. E.g.: Test1234.
  • Your new password will be immediately activated.
How do I delete my profile?
  • Login using your "User ID" and "Password".
  • On the "My Page" page click on "Profile settings" and choose "delete my profile."
  • Click on the "Submit" button. Your profile will be immediately deleted.
Is it possible to restore a deleted profile?

The profile once deleted from our database cannot be restored /reactivated. But if you have any valid reasons to reactivate your profile, please send a mail request to [emailprotected].

How will my profile be viewed by others?

Free members can view all your details except your Family Details & contact details. Paid members can view all your details including telephone number (excluding e-mail ID’s).

I have received irrelevant matches to my email, how can I correct it?
  • You will get relevant matches with updating requirements properly.
  • Login with your “User Id” and “Password”.
  • Click 'view & edit my profile' and then click “Edit” button on Requirements section.
  • After you finish updating, click “Submit” button.
I have received a photo password from other member, how can I view the photograph?

Enter the members “user id” to member search and click on the photo (password protected). Then open the photo in a new window, enter the photo password to view that candidate photo.

What is a “Notification”?

Notifications are information related to a candidate’s profile. i.e. If you have received a message from a candidate or you have already visited his/her profile, you can get this information through your notifications.

How do I block a profile?
  • Login using your "User ID" and "Password"
  • After opening the member’s primary details, click on the link “Block Profile” under privacy features.
  • All blocked profiles are displayed under the “list” page and you can unblock them at any time.
Can I register for any of my siblings/friends with the same matrimonial User ID?

The User ID identifies each person uniquely. Please register separate profiles for you and your sibling/friend.

Why am I not receiving email alerts to my mail box?

Confirm whether any email ID has been added in your profile. If it is already added, check if it is correct. Check your mail for spam/bulk folder. Incase emails from us are directed to your spam folder; click "Not Spam" in your inbox/mail option.

How do I bookmark profiles?
  • Login using your matrimonial "User ID" and "Password".
  • After opening candidate profile, click on the link "Add to bookmark List" and enter the comment for future references.
  • All bookmarked profiles are displayed under the "list" page and "MyPage".
How do I delete Bookmarked profiles?
  • Login using your "User ID" and "Password".
  • After opening the members profile, click on the link “Add to bookmark List” and enter the comment for future references.
  • All bookmarked profiles are displayed under the “list” page and "MyPage".
How do I contact customer support?

ChavaraEmpowerMatrimony.com is eager to help you find your partner at the earliest. Customer Support is always a top priority to us. You can feel free to contact our customer care team through:

  • Call: Toll Free
  • Live chat Support
  • YWrite To Us at:
Do we have a matchmaker/agent/third party?

No, there is no third party between Chavara Empower Matrimony and You.

Which are the places where Chavara Family Welfare Centre has it branch offices?

We have branches at:

  • Alappuzha.
  • Angamaly.
  • Bangalore.
  • Chalakudi.
  • Changanacherry.
  • Coimbatore.
  • Delhi.
  • Irinjalakuda.
  • Kanjirapilly.
  • Kannur.
  • Kattappana.
  • Kollam.
  • Kothamangalam.
  • Kottayam.
  • Kuravilangad.
  • Mumbai.
  • Nilambur.
  • Pala.
  • Palakkad.
  • Pathanamthitta.
  • Pavaratty.
  • Thodupuzha.
  • Thrissur.
  • Trivandrum.
  • Wayanad.

All branches are controlled by the Head Office at Ernakulam .

What shall I do if I face an error while using ChavaraEmpowerMatrimony.Com?

We regret the inconvenience you had to face while trying to use our services. We request you to report this error to our Customer Support team with the URL, which leads to the error message.

What is “Profile Match”?

Profile Match will help you to identify how your photo and profile matches with your interested candidate.

What is Profile Filter?

The purpose of a profile filter is to help you to decide the type of members who can contact and view your profile. This option is available only for paid members.

FAQs & Matrimonial Assistance – chavaraempowermatrimony.com (2024)
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