25 Free Printable Cupid Coloring Pages (2024)

We just created the newest and most unique designs of Cupid coloring pages to celebrate the upcoming Valentine’s Day. These awesome coloring pages come in all kinds of styles for you to download and color for free!

Cupid considered the mythical god of love, has captivated hearts for centuries with his bow and arrow, intended to spread affection and connection. Our Cupid coloring sheets are based on the latest images related to this god of love.

Some pages feature a gentle Cupid with a bow and arrow, surrounded by hearts. Most of the images are in a cute cartoon style for children. Several pages depict iconic images of Cupid, Psyche, and other angels together. With more delicate details, this is a challenge for older children.

Now, you have the opportunity to bring these captivating scenes to life through your own unique color palette.Take a look at the illustrations of the unique Cupid below. From cute heart pictures for preschoolers to more detailed and intricate designs for older children and adults, we hope you’ll find a coloring page you love!

Remember that all of these pages are high resolution, clear and completely free to download, print and share as much as you like.

5 Fun Ideas We Can Do With Free Cupid Coloring Pages

These free printable coloring pages featuring the adorable and playful Cupid can be a fun way to spend time with your little one.

Below, we’ll explore five fun ideas on how to make the most of these coloring pages and turn them into entertaining projects. From creating games to decorating cupcakes, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Create Cupid’s Arrow Game

Cupid always has an arrow with him. And there is no better way to organize activities related to this topic.

All you need are printed coloring pages, a pair of scissors, and some glue. Start by coloring and cutting out the Cupid images. Next, use glue to attach a small craft stick to the back of each Cupid cutout.

Once dry, you can use these Cupid arrows to play a target practice game. Set targets with cardboard boxes and aim Cupid’s arrow at them one at a time. This game not only enhances hand-eye coordination but also adds an element of excitement to children’s coloring!

Make Cupid Puppets

Puppets always attract any child. To make this fun craft idea, you’ll need printed coloring pages, craft sticks, scissors, and tape.

After coloring the pages, you will cut out the Cupid images. Then, attach a craft stick to the back of each Cupid cutout using tape.

Now, your little ones can use these puppets to put on their own puppet shows or act out their favorite Valentine’s Day stories. This activity promotes children’s imaginative play and storytelling skills.

Decorate Cupcakes

For the more crafty child, why not decorate cupcakes by taking advantage of these cupid-themed coloring pages? You’ll start by printing the coloring pages of Cupid on cardstock or thick paper.

Have children color and cut out these images. Once the Cupids are ready, attach them to toothpicks using tape or glue. Now, you can use them to decorate homemade or store-bought cupcakes.

This can be a treat for a Valentine’s Day party or a special gift for your loved ones. We are confident that children will have fun and memorable moments with their families when participating in this exciting activity.

Create A Wall Painting

If you want to add a touch of Valentine’s Day to your home, consider creating a mural featuring an illustration of Cupid. First, you will choose a blank canvas.

Then, print out multiple copies of the Cupid coloring sheets and have your child color them in a variety of shades and designs. Once you’re done coloring, cut out the Cupid images and arrange them on the blank canvas using double-sided tape or sticky putty.

It’s perfect if it’s thoughtfully framed. This unique and personalized piece of art will instantly brighten up any space and serve as an adorable reminder of creative moments shared with your little ones.

Decorate Your Space

Besides wall paintings, there are many other ways to decorate your space using Cupid coloring pictures. You can create a festive wreath by coloring and cutting out multiple Cupid images and stringing them together with ribbon or twine.

Hang this wreath on windows, doors or along walls to instantly transform your space into a Valentine’s Day wonderland. You can also use colored Cupid images as placemats or table decorations during a special Valentine’s Day meal.

These simple yet creative ideas will bring a feeling of love and warmth to your home on this special holiday.

As you add pops of color to his bow tie, wings, and mischievous smile, remember that Cupid represents more than just romance. He embodies the joy, thrill and transformative power of love in all its forms.

So let your colorful Cupids be messengers of joy, laughter and creativity, spreading joy one page at a time. Have fun coloring, and remember to leave your email in the box below so we can text you the latest collections every week!

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25 Free Printable Cupid Coloring Pages (2024)
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