15 Easy Updos You Can Recreate in 10 Minutes or Less (2024)

15 Easy Updos You Can Recreate in 10 Minutes or Less (1)

While updos can often seem like an intimidating hairstyle to DIY, that's not always the case. There are plenty of upswept 'dos you can easily recreate with the right products, tools, and techniques. To prove our point, we've rounded up 15 easy updos that can be achieved from home. Plus, we tapped a few hairstylists for expert advice on how to get each and every look. Whether you have curly hair, pin-straight hair, long hair, or something in between, there's a style you'll love below.

Meet the Expert

  • Johnny Lavoy is a celebrity hairstylist for clients like Miranda Lambert and Rosie Perez.
  • Becca Mader is a celebrity hairstylist with clientele like Kim Kardashian, Remi Bader, and more.

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The Audrey

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Zoë Kravitz's classic updo draws inspiration from Audrey Hepburn's signature style. Here's how to get the look: "Start this look with a smooth blowout," Lavoy says. "Once dry, use a style wax for shine and a flexible hold. Use a bristle brush to smooth the hair back and secure it with an elastic to form a ponytail. To create the bun, split the ponytail into two sections and slightly twist each into two buns, securing them with bobby pins. If you have existing bangs, brush them down and sweep them to the side with hairspray for hold."

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Rope-Braided Buns

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Vanessa Hudgens' rope-braided buns are beyond cool and super easy to bring to life. "For this fun multiple bun updo, use a wax stick and tail comb to create those perfect partings in the hair," Mader explains. "Once you have your sections and have created ponytails, split each ponytail into two sections and twist each section in the opposite direction. This will create a rope braid. Secure each bun with small French pins, and use a toothbrush and your favorite pomade to design your edges. Lock the whole style in with shine spray to get that red carpet glow in your hair."

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Fishtail Bun

If you know how to fishtail your hair, you can absolutely achieve Issa Rae's fab look. "Slick your hair into a smooth and tight ponytail at the top of your head using gel or pomade, depending on your hair texture," Lavoy says. "Put your hair into four sections—braid one of the separated sections using the fishtail method. Once you get to the end, secure the section with a small elastic. Repeat with one more section. Next, twist the remaining two sections of non-braided hair together and create a tight high bun, securing with bobby pins. Once your bun is secure, take the two fishtails and start wrapping them around your bun from the base and securing it with hair pins as you work your way up."

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Bangin' Bun

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We still can't stop thinking about this updo Taylor Swift wore at the '23 Grammys. It's effortless and takes just a few minutes to perfect. "This style is all about keeping things more natural and effortless-looking," Mader shares. "Use your fingers to pull the hair back instead of a bore bristle brush. Try not to snatch your hair too much but instead, leave it loose and let some pieces out around your hairline." You can twist your hair into a messy bun at the top of your head and secure it with pins. Also, make sure to prep the hair with a texture spray—the messier, the better.

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Ballerina Bun

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A ballerina bun is classic and simple, but adding hair accessories can take things up a notch. We love how Selena Gomez enhanced her pulled-back bun with a cute black bow. "Start the look with a sleek blowout and a center part," Lavoy says. "Next, apply a couple of drops of shine serum and smooth the hair to a low pony right under the round of the head, securing with an elastic. Spray the ponytail with a flexible hold hairspray and lightly twist the hair as you wrap it into a bun. Secure with hairpins as you work your way around."

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Elegant Updo

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The Walking Dead actress Danai Gurira's textured updo is incredibly elegant. "To create this style, use a pomade and create a headband braid," Mader says. "Start the style near one ear and continue it over the top of your head to the other ear, creating a crown look with your hair."

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Tousled Curls

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Ashley Graham's updo epitomizes "business in the front and party in the back." Mader says, "Get this look by using a one-inch curling iron to create the curly texture in the bun. Snatch your hair back while leaving a bang section in the front, creating that sophisticated curtain bang look. Bobby-pin small pieces of your ponytail around the elastic base to achieve that non-uniformed bun. There is no right or wrong way to pin your pieces with this look."

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Bantu Knots

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Bantu knots are the perfect updo style for curly and coily hair—take Yara Shahidi's look, for example. "Start by applying a styling cream to the hair," Lavoy notes. "Then, with a sectioning comb, create triangular parts around the head and secure the sections with a small elastic. Create the knots by twisting the hair in a tight coil. You want to twist until the sections coil around themselves. Secure at the base with a bobby pin."

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Natural Texture

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This bun is also perfect for people with curly hair. "To create this natural textured bun with curly hair, prep your hair with a curl spray," Mader says. "Go section by section, wrapping your finger around your curls to lock in the product [and define the hair]. Finish by diffusing your curls and then lightly gathering your curls back in a bun. The key is not snatching your hair back too tight from the root. [You want to] create a seamless texture from roots to ends."

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Twisted Topknot

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Zendaya's simple twisted topknot can be achieved at home in just a few minutes. "The key to this look is not to over style it," Lavoy says. "I suggest not using any hair tools to prevent it from looking overly done. All you need is an elastic, hair pins, and some products. To start the look, flip your head upside down and finger comb your hair into a ponytail at the top of your head, and secure it with an elastic. Next, create a controlled texture—a loose braid does the trick. Wrap that loose braid into a bun, secure it with hair pins, and spray for hold."

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The Pamela

15 Easy Updos You Can Recreate in 10 Minutes or Less (12)

Pamela Anderson is known for her iconic, bombshell updos. "Get this style by using a larger barrel curling iron to create the sexy, messy texture," Mader explains. "Then use French pins to pin up your hair in the back, leaving the ends out at the top to give you that signature Pamela Anderson style."

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15 Easy Updos You Can Recreate in 10 Minutes or Less (13)

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan's slicked-back style is perfection. "To achieve this snatched top knot, use a flexible hairspray with a boar bristle hair brush," Mader says. "Always follow your cheekbone line when pulling your hair back to create that snatched look. Secure your wrap-around bun with a few French pins, and lock down any flyaways with some gel."

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Sculpted Locs

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If you have locs, you'll want to copy Halle Bailey's hairstyle ASAP. "To get this look, position your locs in the direction you want them to go," adds Lavoy. "For this big bun, start twisting a section at the top, working around, and picking up a few more pieces as you continue to work your way around. Secure with large hairpins."

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Undone Updo

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Byrdie editor Olivia Hanco*ck's undone updo is impressive. This particular look is all about volume and texture and only requires a few products. "Start the look with a high ponytail by brushing the hair to the crown and securing it with a tie," Lavoy says. "You can tame flyaway hairs with an anti-frizz styling cream. Once the ponytail is secure, create the perfect texture for hold and volume with a grip powder. Sprinkle the powder into the hair and scrunch through. Next, split the ponytail in two, wrap the two pieces together, creating a full twisted ponytail, and secure the ends with an elastic. Bump up the volume by pulling the secure ponytail apart with your fingers. Once you have your desired fullness, wrap the ponytail into a large loose bun and secure it with bobby pins."

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Romantic Updo

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Byrdie's editor-in-chief + GM Hallie Gould's updo exudes sophisticated, romantic vibes. "Start this look by creating a center part and brushing the hair to the back of the head to a ponytail," Lavoy mentions. "Then, twist that section towards the top of the head, creating a soft French twist. Secure the twist with hairpins as you go up. Next, take the loose ends at the top of the head, create a soft flat bun, and secure it with more pins. Spray for hold. Finally, pull down a few face-framing pieces for a soft romantic feel."

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15 Easy Updos You Can Recreate in 10 Minutes or Less (2024)
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